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Sunset Important information and procedures for remote learning (stay tuned)Parent & Student Remote Learning Information:

General Information:
Beginning Wednesday (March 25th) we will have lessons online for student learning. Our teachers have been working very hard to ensure that the lines of communication are open in order to make this transition as smooth as possible and to help provide the tools needed during adjustment to the learning routine.
As a family establish a consistent daily schedule that works for your family and includes: (not necessarily in this order)
– School Work
– Play Time
– Lunch Time
– Exercise Time
Electronic devices are available for those families in need. It is suggested that you have 1 device for every 3 students. If your home has a device and 3 students in public education then you would not need to check a device out from the school. The first round of our Chromebook checkout happened today, March 24th at designated times throughout the school day. We provided over 200 Chromebooks to our Sunset families in order for our students to have the tools needed during this remote learning time. If you were not able to come to the school today to check out a Chromebook and still need one, don’t panic!!  Please coordinate with your child’s teacher and decide on another time that allows us to accommodate your schedule. We will then help get you to get a Chromebook from the front office.
*  Please bring a Computer Release Form Signed (attachment below)or we can provide a form for you at the school.
* Chromebooks will be returned when school resumes or on a designated return date.
* No Year-End Summative Assessments (RISE), will be administered for the 2019-2020 school year.
* Google Chat is available for conversations for teaching/learning between students and teachers.
* Library Resources for continued reading can be accessed here
– Online Library Resources
– Video – “How to Access “SORA” Online Library. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUlR4zFjqn0&feature=youtu.be
* Social and Emotional Learning Lessons will be available in Schoology on a weekly basis
* School Counselor Mrs. Timmons and Wellness coordinator Mrs. Renner are available. Feel free to contact them at:
* Remote Teaching: (This information has been discussed with all teachers)
* Students will be assigned daily/weekly lessons through Schoology. Keep communication flowing back and forth with your child’s teacher to ensure access to these learning tools and resources.
* Students will use their login information to access Schoology and this is where teachers will receive and grade the assignments as determined.
* Teachers can provide extra resources through Schoology in providing students with a variety of learning opportunities to enhance their learning experience during this method of learning remotely.
* Teachers may request Google Hangout/Google Chat to meet with your student or your student may request a time with teachers for this service.
* Teachers will be available for Google Chat or email daily between 8:00 am- 3:00 pm.
Teachers will have 24 hours to return a parent email.
Students with IEPs or other Health Support will be addressed on an individual basis.
No Internet Access:
Paper copies of all assignments will be available for students. These copies will be available for pick up as coordinated with your child’s teacher.
Students should not come to school unless a prior appointment has been made with you.
Reference our school website for frequent updates district-wide at www.sses.washk12.org.
Should you have questions or concerns please contact the school at 435-673-5669 or contact teachers or administration at anthony.horrocks@washk12.org or dustin.nelson@washk12.org.

Thank you for your patience as we travel these uncharted waters together. Truly we miss our students and want them here at school, but for this time of uncertainty we need health safety for all. I appreciate your patience with us as we build a positive teaching and learning experience for all.

In Partnership,

Mr. Anthony Horrocks


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